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10 Tips For A Healthy Diet

To be in good shape and stay in good health, it is essential to eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet. This balance must be built on a daily basis in order to avoid deficiencies and excesses. Here are 10 nutrition tips for a good balanced diet.

Tip # 1: Don’t Exceed Your Calorie Needs

Our diet is often too rich in relation to our needs, which depend on the physical activity provided during the day, gender, and age. As a general rule, to respect the quantitative food balance, one meal is sufficient in quantity when the feeling of satiety is reached.

Tip # 2: Eat 3-4 Times A Day 

To achieve a complementary nutritional balance between meals, breakfast should ideally account for 20 to 25% of daily energy intake, lunch 40 to 45%, and dinner 25 to 30%. If you take a snack, the energy intake of the dinner should be reduced to 15-20%.

Skipping a meal is never recommended, especially breakfast. This leads to taking a larger meal at midday.

Tip 3: Balance Your Plate

It must be composed of a third of vegetables, a third of cereal and starch products (potatoes, pasta, rice, wheat, semolina, corn, pulses …) and a third of vegetable or animal proteins (meat, egg, fish, tofu …).

Care must be taken to ensure that the accompanying quantity is greater than that of the animal product.

Tip 4: Eat A Variety Of Foods

All foods are necessary for our health. Eating a bit of everything while varying the pleasures is the key to a balanced diet: alternate meat and fish, fresh produce and frozen meals (homemade if possible).

Tip 5: Allow Yourself A Snack 

A small snack is not prohibited, as long as it does not turn into a meal! One piece of fruit or dairy is enough to appease hunger and will not disturb your nutritional balance.

Tip # 6: Home Cooking

Avoid processed products as much as possible in your diet . They are low in nutrients, high in fats, salt, sugars and additives.

Tip n ° 7: Prefer Healthy Cooking

Opting for steam cooking is to preserve the vitamins in vegetables. You must also be careful not to add too much fat to cook meat and fish in the pan.

Tip # 8: Limit Salt

Salt consumption should remain below 5 g per day (the equivalent of a teaspoon of salt per day); 2 g for children.

Tip # 9: Respect Meal Times

For better digestion, rest for at least 20 minutes at each meal and take the time to chew well.

Tip # 10: Drink Enough 

It is essential to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, or more in case of hot weather, more intense physical activity or illness. It can be consumed in many ways: hot drinks, juice, broth … Sodas, too rich in sugar, should be consumed in moderation.